Luis Angel Gomez
Owner of Angel Photography LLC| Lead Photographer | Founder of Pinup Cosplay Studios ( aka Fantasy Cosplay Fusion)

Redefining Our Understanding of Beauty Luis Angel explores the modern perception of beauty and begs the
 observer to shatter its typical definition in exchange for the culmination of body, race, and gender fluidity
 that reaffirms strength, sensuality, and acceptance in an unforgiving world. 

Luis’ portfolio asks us all to rediscover our self-worth by exposing the allure that can be found in every
 individual, leading to the power of self-acceptance. The groundbreaking work of a man who reveals the
 inherent grace found in all humankind cannot be missed. 

Luis has been perfecting his professional photography skills for the past 7 years. 
He is a married father of six and retired U.S. Navy veteran. 
He currently lives in Yorktown, Virginia.
Why Boudoir
Welcome !
  This is where you will begin the first step of rediscovering yourself. We all tend to lose track of ourselves once in a while. 
This is when I come to your rescue. If you have been craving a much-needed confidence boost, you found your person!
No matter your gender, your profession, or your size, the benefit of this process is growth and discovery.
You deserve to feel beautiful, because well..., you are.
You do everything for everyone but yourself.
I show you the importance of your worth, by lifting you up and helping you be able to love yourself first... and always.
"I never saw myself as pretty but I'm Pretty!" - Ms. R. 
Listening to her say those words brought me joy and near tears, because I knew that her self-perception has been forever changed.
Know this, no matter how others define beauty, the only definition is the one you realize. No one can ever take that power away from you!
Boudoir is a journey to change your mindset and see the best in yourself.
It’s not about taking photos in lingerie, but it is about being yourself, loving yourself and empowering yourself, mind, body, and soul.
It helps to remind you that even though you don’t always feel sexy or beautiful, you truly are.
It’s about conquering your fears and knowing that even flawed, you are perfect, you are hot, you are amazing and it’s time you see that.
I’m here to help and walk with you on this voyage to falling back in love with yourself.
I am a strong believer in understanding you as a person - by being empathetic, supportive, and fully committed to empowering you!
This is why I shoot Boudoir; I get the opportunity and privilege to show you how remarkable you are.
I get to witness something magical happening when you believe in your worth, strength and beauty.

Let's get started on your newly found confidence.
Take the Leap
Boudoir is an incredible experience that allows you to be free, to be yourself. It’s about letting go, having fun, getting excited, being sexy and everything else that makes you unstoppable. Don’t let the voice in your head convince you otherwise. You are a masterpiece!
What you see in the mirror is not what I see through my lens... Let me prove it to you. I’d love to hear from you.
Ready To Plan Your Boudoir Experience?
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