Often a client comes in, nervous, apprehensive and not knowing what to expect. Every client is different and their experience will vary, but the results after their boudoir shoot is usually the same. They leave feeling more confident and thankful they took the leap and decided to go through with their boudoir shoot! They learn to appreciate and embrace their body; what they once saw as their imperfections, insecurities and problem areas are almost non-existent once they see their images. 
My clients are real, raw and everyday people that leave with a new perspective about how they see themselves. They leave feeling empowered and with a revitalized joy they haven't felt in a long time.
Last weekend I had my first boudoir photos shoot experience!
I was nervous going into it and wasn’t really sure what to expect. I went in with the hopes of a little confidence boost, and to feel a little more comfortable with myself and how I look. It was an incredibly rewarding experience. I got to go in and get my makeup done beforehand, while sipping on a little wine. I felt very pampered!
The shoot at first was a little difficult for me just because I didn’t know how to be comfortable while not wearing all the clothes I normally wear. But Luis was great and helped me calm down a bit and get more comfortable in my skin. The whole time he was very respectful and was always very careful in making sure I was comfortable. I never felt like I was too vulnerable or in a bad place. He got me to laugh a bit and that really helped get me out of my head while shooting. He was also very encouraging and and empowering! By the end of it I really did feel beautiful. It was almost a shock realizing it was actually me in the pictures!
The reveal almost made me cry! I had never really seen myself in that light before and it really made me feel incredible. I love my pictures so much and I feel a little bit more confident in my body! He helped me see myself the way I haven’t really before and it feels great. I loved how comfortable it was doing the shoot and would gladly do it again!!
I have major issues with body image. Leading up to this experience I had a very bad body image week. Despite words of affirmation from family and friends over the years I have never understood what they saw.
During this experience I was a little nervous at first. However, I felt welcomed and increasingly comfortable the moment I got settled into the studio that morning. During the shoot I quickly became comfortable and developed a confidence I didn't know I had.
Luis is such a respectful photographer when it comes to working with women in a style that could make them feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. He works with you and gauges your comfort level the whole time. I have never been as comfortable as I was in any photography or otherwise setting while working with him.
After the reveal of the pictures I was amazed. As the photos were shared with me I was awestruck at the beauty of the woman in those pictures and had to remind myself that she was ME.
My mindset since that day has definitely changed. I realized that others see me in a way I don't and that I do radiate a beauty that I didn't know I ever had before.
110% Recommend.
Sophie did an AMAZING job on my makeup and I even learned tips from her.
I have had the pleasure to work with Luis and his team at conventions for cosplay photography in the past. 
At first I had planned to do the shoot with a friend there for support because I have never done a boudoir shoot before. At the last minute I ended up having to go alone and was a little nervous about being in lingerie. As soon as I arrived Luis made me feel welcomed and comfortable. He is  very respectful in his language and when going through my options of clothing together. 
He is great at giving directions and demonstrating the poses he is asking to be done. Through this we found how to get photos that I at first coming into this shoot did not think I would’ve been comfortable with, but when we did them I was completely comfortable. I did this shoot for myself and I  would recommend everyone to do a boudoir shoot for yourself. It allowed me to learn how even though I wasn’t fully confident in everything about my body that I am beautiful and I left with much more confidence. 
Since then I have shot with Luis a second time for a boudoir shoot and was more confident to try new poses that were more revealing than my first shoot.
Luis as always made me feel like a goddess.
I was extremely nervous, but determined, going into my first boudoir shoot, first photo shoot of any kind if I'm honest. 
Luis was, is, amazing! He was patient, respectful, and helped me feel completely at ease. 
My photos were more than I could have ever hoped for! 
Luis made my experience one I'd recommend to anyone … I can't wait to do it again!
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